Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ERS Position--Ag Economist

The Economic Research Service (ERS) conducts broad programs of economic and other social science research and analysis relating to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural America for use by public and private decision makers. ERS' clients are the executive and legislative branches; environmental, consumer and public interest groups, including farm and industry groups; and the general public.

The Resource and Rural Economics Division (RRED) provides high quality, relevant, and objective information and economic analysis on interactions among natural resources, environmental quality, and agricultural and non-agricultural activities in rural communities. RRED monitors and analyzes the multiple links between the rural economy--agriculture and nonagricultural sectors--and natural resources and environmental quality.

The Farm and Rural Business Branch (FRB) develops, interprets and disseminates current analyses and longer term perspectives on the financial structure, performance, and viability of farms, the farm sector, and rural areas.

 DUTIES: The incumbent performs economic analysis and research, either providing technical support to higher graded economists, or independently performing assignments in accordance with established precedents. Specifically, the incumbent's assignment involves analysis and research to help determine the level and distribution of farm income and the value-added, assets and debt of farms and the farm sector.

The incumbent, working on project teams, conducts limited economic analyses and research related to the financial position and performance of farms and the farm sector in the U.S. economy. The incumbent helps plan and conduct economic analyses and assists other economists by conducting segments of larger, more complex studies undertaken by the Agency. The primary focus of the incumbent's work is assisting in the establishment of estimates and forecasts of farm income and value-added and farm assets and liabilities, providing perspective on changes in the economic and financial environment affecting farm operations and the farm sector that are distributed through a variety of electronic and print media.

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