Friday, January 20, 2012

Economic Statistician

The Council of Economic Advisers ( ) currently has an entry-level vacancy for an Economic Statistician. We are seeking an academically strong recent graduate with at least an undergraduate degree in economics (or substantial economic coursework) and some coursework in statistics. The position is posted on the AU Career Web, and here is a brief description:

Economic Statistician

The employee’s primary duties are to:
*assist with the preparation of economic memoranda by preparing charts and background spreadsheets (in Excel) to aid analysis, and by fact-checking and editing content written by the economic staff;
*gather data and prepare tables and related content for the monthly Economic Indicators publication ( );
*gather data and prepare tables for the 140-page statistical appendix in the annual Economic Report of the President ( );
*use public websites and database software (training provided) to find and retrieve data for use in developing and preparing various products;
*research economic data and information on the internet; and
*help staff obtain data and advise on its use.

The employee must be detail oriented and demonstrate great accuracy when preparing, calculating, and fact checking economic statistical content. The work environment is fast-paced, with frequent quick-turnaround deadlines. The employee should be able to respond to requests with speed, calmness, and flexibility, maintaining good working relationships with data providers and CEA staff.

Qualifications: 4-year degree in a related field, with coursework in economics and statistics. Solid Excel skills. U.S. citizen. Subject to background check and drug test.

Salary: $42,209

Candidates may apply easily through the AU Career Web. Resume and transcripts are required, but many students and alumni already have these documents loaded into the Au Career Web system, making application simple. Applicants are also requested to provide a cover letter.

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