Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MA Comprehensive Exam Blackboard Site

I have created a blackboard site to help students taking the MA in Economics Comprehensive Exam prepare. It includes information about how to register for the exam and sample exams. Perhaps more importantly, it includes tools to help students collaborate while studying, including:

1. Discussion Boards: Students can create a thread posting comments or questions for general discussion. You can subscribe to the discussion board forums to be e-mailed regarding updates to the discussion.

2. Virtual Meeting Place: Students are encouraged to use the Wimba classroom to meet when in person meetings are difficult. The wimba classroom allows students to chat or video chat in real time, upload files with questions or topics to discuss, and even share their desktop. You can also use the breakout room feature to break up into smaller groups.

3. Group pages. If you want to divide yourselves into smaller study groups, sign up for one of the groups created. These group pages allow for discussion boards, e-mailing, blogging, wiki-pages and other tools amongst smaller groups of students.

4. E-mail other students. You can contact all students taking the comprehensive exam (or just selected students) through this link.

If you have any questions, or know of other students that should have been included on this blackboard site, feel free to contact Kara Reynolds at reynolds@american.edu

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