Monday, October 25, 2010

Department Seminar, Wednesday October 27

This Wednesday, Petra Todd (UPenn) will be presenting her work, "Structural Estimation and Policy Evaluation in Developing Countries."

The seminar will be in Kreeger 101, from 12PM-1:15PM. The seminar is a joint department and Info-Metrics Institute affair.

An abstract of the work:

This paper discusses the use of discrete choice dynamic programming (DCDP) methods for evaluating policies of particular relevance to developing countries, such as policies to reduce child labor and increase school attendance, to improve school quality, to affect immigration flows, to expand old age pension benefits, or to foster small business investment through microfinance. We describe the DCDP framework and how it relates to static models, illustrate its application with an example related to conditional cash transfer programs, consider numerous empirical applications from the literature of how the DCDP methodology has been used
to address substantively important policy issues, and discuss methods for model validation.

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